04 August 2012

Home for Funerals

Dorothy's Home for Funerals, Cannon St., Charleston
There is something warm and friendly about the name "Home for Funerals" especially when the funeral home is this historic Charleston home on Cannon St. This is Dorothy's Home for Funerals. I've walked past it for years but this is the first time I clicked on the web site. 
Our mother Dorothy Moultrie Richardson founded Dorothy's Home for Funerals in July 1973. Her career started at the age of 13, working with her father and mother at the family owned J.B. Moultrie Funeral Home, which was founded in 1923. To serve the communities west of Charleston, she opened the Hollywood Chapel in 1983. She was one of the oldest African American female funeral directors and was active until her death July 7, 2001. Service to the community was a basic principle by which our mother and grandparents, Jacob Benjamin Moultrie and Lelia Hertz Moultrie lived. We continue to keep service as our objective and focal point.

Dorothy's Home for Funerals is a family owned and operated funeral home. The Moultrie family has served the Charleston area communitys since 1923 and are here to help families in their time of need. Our family will help your family celebrate the life of your loved one. We will help you plan a celebration of your loved one that reflects their and your family's wishes.
Okay kids, I hope everyone has a good weekend. My handyman is coming shortly to start hiding my ghastly popcorn ceiling with new sheet rock. I am covering things up to protect them from the dust and running away. Run away, run away!