25 July 2012

Rainbow Row & delivery problems

East Bay St., Charleston, S.C.
This is a pretty section of East Bay St. often called Rainbow Row because of the pretty and varied colors.

A month or so ago I asked your advice about a furniture purchase. I had in my mind to buy a silver chest/cabinet. After considering everyone's input and balancing my whims of the day, I decided on selection #5 from Vivaterra. It was a major purchase for me and I've been counting the days until I could set it place.

Easy no? Not so.

The freight delivery company sent a link to a webpage to pick a delivery date. I happily selected the day after I returned from vacation and planned a bonus day off.  I was called by the delivery company in Columbia while I was in Chicago wanting to deliver it the next day. They laughed at the fact that I had selected a delivery day online. Hahah, they said! We don't know why THEY let you think you can chose a delivery option. We don't even go to Charleston on Mondays. Double hahahahah.

I told them not to return my chest and called when I got back to arrange a day. They called me THREE times to confirm last Wednesday. I sat at home from 3 - 7 pm in my assigned delivery window. Hahah on me. When I called the next morning they wondered why I thought I was getting a delivery? My chest was still in Atlanta. Why had I even called them, they wondered. They had no chest for me.

Fast forward another week and I was to be available today from 4 - 8. They called, showed up promptly and whipped my package into the house. They tore off the first corner of the box, pronounced it damaged,  boxed my baby back up and took it away.  They teased me with a flash of silver and whisked it away.

I need to stick with used furniture stores as is my custom. Hahah. It does look purty though doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

So sorry you had that experience. Makes the heart sinketh. I ordered "Penninsula of Lies" from a contractor on Amazon.com on June 9. On July 21, after multiple email exchanges, I threw in the towel and requested a refund. Apparently a blue cottage on a main thoroughfare, sporting 6-inch house numbers and an American flag larger than Delaware, is just too difficult for UPS to find.
I feel your pain.

Charlestonjoan said...

Aaargh. I read that book. I don't think I have it though, or I could mail it to you.

Anonymous said...

How totally frustrating, but it will be worth the wait. I just LOVE this cabinet.

Charlestonjoan said...

I do too :)

Lowandslow said...

How does that delivery company stay in business? This is the day of "customer service". I'd certainly let the furniture company know so they can consider using another shipper.


Marcheline said...
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Marcheline said...

I misspelled something in the first comment, and I am too OCD to just let it ride.

What I said was:

That's a gorgeous cabinet! I could tell you horror stories about moving companies, but since I love you I will wait until your cabinet has arrived safely. 8-) You're welcome.

Catalyst said...

I hope when you finally get it, it is full of what I see sitting on top of the one in the picture!!!

Charlestonjoan said...

That may be part of the appeal of that particular chest. I think I have to stock the bar myself unfortunately.

Charlestonjoan said...

Hahah! I go back and correct entries sometimes but they roll over to FB right away and that can't be fixed.

Charlestonjoan said...

I agree. It is stunning. I will let the company know after I have my delivery safely in hand.