08 July 2012

Fresh Seafood

Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
I wonder what these ladies had for dinner last night? I bet it was something freshly caught. They looked so beautiful fishing in the creek with the green marsh and bridge behind them that I asked the woman in the pink hat if she minded me taking a few pictures. I need to remember to carry a card with the web site address so I can give it to people.

It's the end of the weekend and this time I don't care....woohoo....I am off for a week and a day. No work day schedule for me. I am heading to Chicago to meet my daughter tomorrow afternoon. She is there for a national conference and I'll roam the city while she finishes her workshops and then we will finish the week exploring together.


Kate said...

All three photos have that wonderful bridge in the background; hard to take one's eyes off it. Both women look like they know what they are doing!

chuckography said...

Early comments about the bridge while it was being built said it would look like "giant sails in the harbor." They sure got that right! Nice pictures.

Have a fun and safe trip.

Charlestonjoan said...

Chuck, the bridge makes me happy everytime I drive over it. I love seeing all the walkers and bikers enjoying it and the scenery is breathtaking. How lucky we are!

Charlestonjoan said...

It does add to the scene, doesn't it? Really lovely.

Suzie said...

I love the way you get to see the bridge when you walk out on the boardwalk. It is a magical place!