04 June 2012

Deperately Seeking Oak Tree

Split Oak Tree, Meditation Garden, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Charleston, S.C.
I've featured this grand split oak tree before but it is so rare to catch it without cars parked around it that I can't resist snapping a photo when I go by. Today's picture is to bring to your attention a reader's plea for help in finding another tree. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing her note. Let us know if the tree she is seeking rings a bell! I am mentally replaying all the sidewalks of Charleston trying to figure out which one she means. Help her if you can:

I was hoping you could help me with something. My mother & I visited Charleston many years ago and have a single picture that, unfortunately, has disappeared of an old oak tree in Charleston. It was in a residential neighborhood of Peninsular Charleston and it was so unique because it had grown through/around the wall and the iron fence of the property. And it was a HUGE tree! A lot larger than you normally find in Charleston! We are now back in Charleston - permanently - and have started the search for this tree. I know you have walked nearly every inch of the peninsula and was wondering if you had any knowledge and/or pictures of this tree. Unfortunately, our discovery of this tree was nearly 15 years ago and we realize it may be gone by now, but if you have any knowledge of it - or know anyone who does - I would be so appreciative! My mother is longing to find this tree again!

Love the blog!