04 May 2012

Yipee, I am back online!

West Ashley Bikeway, Charleston, S.C.
My new little nest is close to the West Ashley Bikeway. I spend more of my time on my feet than on wheels but I may need to get myself a bike.
Once part of a five-mile stretch of rail owned by Seaboard Coastline Railroad Company, the route was abandoned in 1976. Before long, weeds and rats took over and it became a collection point for old mattresses, rusting appliances, and other refuse. Eventually the corridor’s right-of-way passed to the S.C. Department of Transportation, who hoped to turn the area into an expressway. This didn’t happen, so in 1978 the agency agreed to lease the property for $1 a year to the city. After several years of bureaucratic red tape, the park officially opened in 1983. Today, what was once a dumping ground, the asphalt pathway serves a real need in the community.
Dragonboat Festival in the morning, kids.  I'll miss taking all the action shots this year since I'll be attending a memorial service for a friend and volunteer so take lots of pictures. Perhaps I will see some of you at the Lowcountry Aids Dining with Friends benefit in the evening at the Maritime Center. I'll be staffing the Champagne table there. Say hello!

Guess who just got her internet, cable and phone hooked up? Me, me! I'm back. Thanks Knology.


Kate said...

A truly lovely place to wander. What a delightful change from a dumping ground, and so vital to human souls. Glad for you (and us) that you once again have internet service.

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate - I do have internet, and many odd cable channels. International Film Channel - yipee!