24 May 2012

Three cheers for volunteers!

Fountain at Pearstine Distributors
I went to a luncheon sponsored by the good folks at Trident United Way today held at Pearlstine Distributors on Daniel Island. Yep, the beer folks let us meet at their facility and I kept sneaking around checking everything out. This bird fountain was in the yard.

The luncheon was to celebrate the second year of the Corporate Volunteer Council in Charleston and Anita Zucker was the speaker. The people attending represented businesses whose employees volunteer and are active in the community. If that includes you, please do check out the web site and join the team!


Kate said...

I'm certainly willing to celebrate with Bud, and I'd even wear the brief with the Bud sign on it...now that would really be a sight!!

The close-up of the sculpture definitely shows the detail.

brattcat said...

i'd love that sculpture in my yard. is that beer in the fountain?

Charlestonjoan said...

It is cute isn't it and fits the location.

Charlestonjoan said...

I am usually a Corona beer drinking when I drink beer but this was cool.