06 May 2012

Tales of the City

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.
Can you imagine the stories these apartments could tell? This building is rented to a constant stream of college students with bikes on the porch and wet beach towels hanging over the porch. The intersection floods if it rains at high tide and I have pictures of students kayaking in this spot. I'll bet some of my readers have spent some time at the Frewill Apartment building.

Another weekend slipped through our fingers. I unpacked a few boxes, bought some outside chairs, a bird feeder, blinds for windows and scrubbed down an old stove. Yesterday I went to a memorial service for the husband of one of the Chaplain's at the hospital and was reminded again of what a close family of loving people I work with. The Chaplain herself served our operating room area and the memorial service was held in the hospital chapel. The Operating Room nurses prepared a feast, a nurse from Pain Management sang at the service and a nurse from Ambulatory Care brought in bouquets of fresh flowers from her garden. Although the couple had no children so many people came I had to keep pulling chairs from the classrooms to seat them all. It was very touching.

Good night kids!