28 May 2012

The Birthplace of America

Avenue of Oaks at Charlestowne Landing, Charleston, S.C.
Check out my new wheels! Nothing like a grand setting to show off a budget Walmart bike. Heheh. I've never been a bike rider but my new neighborhood is next to a bikeway, greenway and quiet neighborhoods so that may need to change. Last summer I took up kayaking so maybe this will be the year for two wheels. I started in a modest manner.

This morning I figured out a way to cram the bike in the back of my car and went to zip around the peaceful pathways at Charlestowne Landing. There was a brief rain shower and I took shelter in one of the historical cabins until it passed. It was lovely. I'll do this again. When my kids were little before the park was renovated they used to rent bikes here and I remembered what a great time that was.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Twelve more hours and we'll be rushing off to work again scrambling to make up for the short week. It has been sweet while it lasted.