21 April 2012

Funny Hahah

Smile! Charleston, S.C.

I don't do much on Google + but I check in once and a while to see what is going on and always get a laugh from the one liners by Jonco Stl.  He always seems to come up with one I haven't heard before and cracks me up. Here are a few of his recent ones. If you are on Google+, I'd add him to your circles for a daily smile.

I'm convinced the new girl I'm seeing is a transvestite.
I can feel it.

My doctor just said, "Nobody has ever died from a migraine."
So I killed him..

I thought I saw a guy wearing camouflage.
I didn't.

My girlfriend wanted me to buy her a Siamese cat.
My buddy told me that they are really expensive, so I bought 2 normal cats and glued their heads together.

Just been down the hospital to pick up an X-Ray.
He's called "Rachel" now.

I don't know why I even bother having a smartphone.
It spends so much time on the charger, you might as well call it a landline.

Laser eye surgery, what a waste of money. Two weeks and not a single laser fired from either of my eyes.

I've just finished writing a book called "How to delegate."
Well, actually my wife wrote it.
But it was me who told her to.

My wife left me because of my habit of excessive lying.
She didn't leave me.

I finally managed to sell all my old super hero comics...
I feel marvel less.

I'm being taken to court for plagiarism.
But it's just his word against my word...
which he claims is his word.

I hate condescending people.
But, I wouldn't expect you to understand.