18 March 2012

Officer's Quarters in the rain

Officer's Quarter, Old Navy Base, Charleston, S.C.

Waaaa....it is Sunday night. The only thing I promised that I would do this weekend was my taxes and I haven't started them yet. Sob. This happens every year. I end up getting a refund but I can't make myself do them.

Sunday night and Army Wives should be on so I'll treat you to another scene that you might spot in the series. They showed a glimpse of this building last week and said something like, "can you imagine the parties you could hold." What a grand mansion!

Constructed in 1905 this is the Officer's Quarters H-I on the old Charleston Navy Base. I am so pleased to see that it has been renovated. It was heart breaking to watch this beautiful building fall to ruin and vandalism. Check this link for Robert Behre's Post & Courier article about the renovation.

Now, would someone please come over and do my taxes?