18 February 2012

Sunset on Meeting St.

Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
I admit I didn't take it this evening since it is raining at the moment. This was Thursday evening when the light was so pretty.

These famous paintings improved by cats cracked me up: Famous Paintings Improved By Cats

Need to get your business online - for free? Google is sponsoring a one day workshop on Tuesday at Memminger Auditorium. Get the info here: americagetonline.com/south-carolina

Eugene reviewed the new Heart Woodfire Kitchen on James Island.  Eugene always makes me hungry.

An Apology for My Twenties by a gentleman blogger in his thirties.

Wow. A couple of big new apartment complexes planned for Charleston. I'd better go take some "before" pictures quick.

Did everyone go get wild at the Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition today? I walked through Marion Square so early they actually asked me to leave the tents since they were still setting up. Oooops.