08 February 2012

Purple & lime green? Aaaack!

Morris & Felix St., Charleston, S.C.
Help! How did these colors pass as acceptable by the Board of Architectural review in Charleston? My eyes hurt. Ouch. Ouch.

Cooking bacon in water. I know we aren't supposed to be eating it but it is, you know, bacon. This sounds weird. Wonder if it works.

My friend Yuriy Bekker will play a loaned million dollar ex-Hachez Stradivarius violin on Saturday evening with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and I'll be there to hear it! Tickets are just $10 for students and begin at $20 for the rest of us.  
Rare Stradivarius will be featured in CSO Concert: On Saturday it will present the third of its Masterworks concerts, featuring Beethoven's popular Symphony No. 7. Beethoven surely is an appealing reason to attend the 7:30 p.m. performance, but the real treat will be the local debut of a new violin concerto whose subject is the state of South Carolina, written by composer and College of Charleston music professor Edward Hart especially for CSO Concertmaster Yuriy Bekker.But wait, there's more.The concerto will be played by Bekker on the 1686 ex-Nachez Stradivarius violin, one of the most treasured and valuable instruments in the world.
Chuck made his 500th post on Chuckography. Congrats on the milestone entry!

G'night kids. Thanks for all your kind comments. Turn the lights out. Don't stay up too late.