07 February 2012

Aahh, ya doesn't has to call me Hayzul...

Hasell St., Charleston, S.C.
Interesting! I stopped in my tracks when I saw this ornate cage structure on an old Charleston house on Hasell St. I need to go back to see who they keep in the cage at night.

Hasell St. has one of those quirky lowcountry pronunciations. It is pronounced as: Hasell  –  HAY• zul
The SCIWays site has a great South Carolina pronunciation guide: 

SCIWays  SC Place Name Pronunciation Guide
Eutawville  – YOO • tah • vil
Legare  –  le • GREE
Barre  –  BARE • ree
Bonneau  – BOHN • oh 
DeBordieu Island – DEB • i • dew 
Gaillard  –  GIL • YARD 
Honea Path  – HUN • ee • uh
Huger  –  HU • gee, u • GEE