12 January 2012

Thursday night blog hopping

Respect the Beach, Folly Beach, S.C.
Today's photo is from a recent walk on Folly Beach. Respect the Beach. I do, I do!

It is wild and windy out there, kids! I went out to find out what was flapping in the breeze on my porch and a chair cushion went sailing by.

I have a couple new-to-me blogs to introduce:

Moore on Running: Noah is an old friend of mine. A few years ago I watched him get in shape and transform into a lean, trim, running machine. It looks like he is still at it and coordinating spontaneous group runs. Noah is a very cool gentleman.

Joe's Retirement Blog:  Joe is retired on on the road. For the time being he is in the Charleston area and visiting some of our favorite haunts. Enjoy!

VERT Indigo: I am late to the game but have become a fan of Lisa Shimko's art. This is her art blog. Fun stuff. I want one. A bird, no a panda, no maybe a pink elephant. No prices listed but dreaming is easy.

Gotta go see what mischief Stephen Colbert is up to with the South Carolina Presidential primary. He is going to make some announcement on his show tonight. Y'all batten down the hatches. Don't blow away.