01 January 2012

New Year's Eve at Husk

New Year's Eve, Husk, Queen St., Charleston, S.C.
This first picture makes me laugh! I do have tall friends and for a change we didn't make them hide at the back of the group shot. Heheh. Thanks to everyone at Husk for making our New Year's Eve so special.

It was a grand way to end the year feasting at the "best new restaurant in American" according to Bon Appetite Magazine. None of us argued with that title last night as we licked our plates clean. So many lovely platters of taste treats - fried chicken skins, crispy pigs ears to wrap in lettuce were sent out for us to try  before our chosen entrees arrived  that we could have proceeded directly to desert. But. We didn't. Thanks to Chef de Cuisine Travis Grimes and the staff for a wonderful evening and my friend Andre' for his connections to these talented folk.

Look at that catfish! I ordered the pork chop and I just remembered that I didn't lick that plate clean - I brought some of it home so I could enjoy my Maple Pana Cotta desert. I am off to take care of those leftovers right now.  The menu is still posted today if you are inclined to drool on your keyboard. Happy New Year, kids!
Chef Travis Grimes & Andre' Guillet