25 December 2011

You Know it's Christmas in Charleston when....

St. Matthew's Luterhan Church, King St., Charleston, S.C.
What an odd sight! I grabbed this shot a week or so ago. It was on a weekend so they may have been demonstrating the outdoor fireplace at the Holiday Farmer's Market but how odd to see it in front of the church. It makes a fitting Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance for Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I've been up at the lake with my son. I packed all the goodies to warm up and we had a cozy, lovely weekend with a bonfire last night and a walk around the lake this morning.

Stephanie Harvin listed these in her column in the Post & Courier last week and so many of them rang true I thought I would pass them on and see if you can think of any others. I didn't include them all so click the link to get to her original post. I love them! Thanks Stephanie!
 You know you have enjoyed Christmas in Charleston if you have ...
... danced until you are dizzy under the Christmas tree in Marion Square.
... watched the sailboats decorated with lights bobbing in the City Marina.
... perspired through your Christmas sweater.
... listened to Jazz Vespers at Circular Congregational Church.
... walked around Colonial Lake in the moonlight.
... had shrimp and grits on your breakfast menu.
... taken the time to get out of your car and look down the waterway when the Wappoo Bridge opens.
... peered through a wrought iron gate to see how the other half lives.
... touched the dancing child statue at White Point Garden.
... fallen in love with white camellias instead of poinsettias.
... walked along the new shops at the Market.
... rocked on a piazza that slants toward the bannister.
... walked the Ravenel Bridge in a winter sunset just to see the colors.
... felt the sand ooze between your toes as the wave runs out at Folly Beach.
... played beach volleyball at the Isle of Palms because the weather was warm enough for a tan.
... had a crab pinch your finger as you were plucking him out of the net.
... smelled the trash can after forgetting to take out the shrimp shells.
... gone for a canoe ride on Lake Moultrie as the sun rises.
... rocked the morning away in a Pawleys Island Hammock.
... sung "Kum ba yah" which is actually a Gul- lah spiritual first recorded on the South Carolina Coast.
... taken the kids out to see the Morris Island lighthouse on a chilly day.
... been thankful that the smell of pluff mud means you're home.
Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday.
Reach Stephanie Harvin at 937-5557 or sharvin@postandcourier.com.
Merry Christmas everyone! What should we add to her list?