05 December 2011

NE India Trip - Old British Cemetery

Anglican Cemetery, Shillong, India
As is my custom at home and when I travel, I try to walk through a cemetery and when I was in Shillong I tracked down the old Anglican British cemetery. I would never have found it without help although it is mentioned online and probably a site still visited by descendants from England. We finally did find it after asking for directions multiple times.

The gate was locked but a groundskeeper heard us and let us in to wander. There is still a small chapel and he was using the bushes to dry laundry. Many of the tombstones had been relocated there from tea plantations and battles sites in Assam. There weren't as many women and children as I would have imagined and the cemetery is still being used for burials. It was a sweet spot and I slipped the caretaker a little money for upkeep.