05 November 2011

AIDS Walk Charleston

Roller Derby skaters at the AIDS Walk
I got up on this crisp and windy morning and stopped by Hampton Park for the AIDS Walk sponsored by the Ryan White Program. Goodness! It was chilly out. People needed to walk two miles just to warm up.

Check out the Roller Derby gals. They whipped around the park in no time flat. Have any of y'all gone to the Roller Derby event? They have one more in November when I am away and then begin in February again. I think it might be a hoot.

Thanks to all the brave souls who got out to support the Ryan White program today. More photos here.


LeeAnne said...

My next door neighbor is a member of the Highrollers roller derby team. She keeps inviting us to a game (match? I don't know what they call them) but they are on Fridays and because of our work schedules, Fridays are tough for us as far as committing to any social activity. But I'd love to try to go one time. I used to watch it on TV when I was a kid.

Charlestonjoan said...

Maybe if we plan ahead for the February one we can make it. Think about it!