18 October 2011

World's Best Cities

Charleston, S.C.

Not sure how I feel about all this recent publicity for Charleston. We know it's the best place to live but do we have to tell everyone? Sssshhhh. I've highlighted the cities I've been to so I can see where I need to go next. Clearly I need to get back to Europe. 

The world’s 20 best cities are:

1. Sydney, Australia, 85.1
2. Florence, Italy, 85.0
3. Charleston, United States, 84.7
4. Cape Town, South Africa, 83.9
5. San Francisco, United States, 83.7
6. Santa Fe, United States, 83.0
6. Quebec City, Canada, 83.0
8. Barcelona, Spain, 82.8
9. Vancouver, Canada, 82.5
10. Rome, Italy, 82.4
11. Kyoto, Japan, 82.3
12. Chicago, United States, 82.2
13. Paris, France, 81.9
14. Bruges, Belgium, 81.7
14. Venice, Italy, 81.7


Laura said...

I agree with you completely! I feel torn when I hear Charleston is getting more and more awards... My family has lived here for over 5 generations (that's as far as I can count back, but prob more :) and I just feel possessive sometimes, which I hate but I have a hard time helping. It's amazing the changes that I've see in my lifetime (the old mt pleasant was the ONLY mt. pleasant)! But I'm happy for my city, I am :|

Nancy said...

Pretty cool that it rates third in the world...Chicago surprises me and that it is before Paris? hmm. At any rate it makes me want to pack my bags and go see them all for myself!

Lowandslow said...

I'd love to vist Vancouver, Bruges, and Barcelona. And I agree, Charleston is very deserving. :)


Catalyst said...

I loved Bruges when I was there back in '85. And the food! Wow!

Beach Bum said...

No, not happy at all with all the publicity for Charleston. Although I want to visit Vancouver, Canada very badly so I can relate about others might feel about see their cities on the list.

Jack said...

Hey, where is Hartford?

Too late, Joan. We already know about Charleston.

Charlestonjoan said...

Laura, Beach Bum - Exactly. Thank goodness I am already here but that doesn't mean everyone else has to come.

Nancy - That one doesn't make any sense to me. Chicago is cool, but to beat Paris? I don't think so.

Lowandslow - I still need to see Barcelona, Venice and do Paris right. Vancouver is nice but I liked Victoria, BC even better.

Catalyst - I've wanted to go to Bruges since the movie by the same name a couple of yeats ago.

Jack - I guess you do. That's why we won ;)