21 September 2011

Wednesday Night Hodge Podge

Legare St., Charleston, S.C.
I've been here, I've been there, I've been everywhere.

Worked late last night hosting thirty students interested in Pharmacy careers. They had a great time learning how to mix IV's, draw up solutions and package meds. The pharmacists had the brilliant idea to use candy for everything - they taught compounding drugs with frosting and food coloring, packaged Skittles candy and filled gelatin capsules with candy sprinkles. I saw more than one kid licking fingers. We probably sent them home on a sugar high but they learned a lot. I also finally got to meet night shift Pharmacist and fellow blogger From the Land of Palm Trees. Thanks for coming in on your evening off!

I got home late last night but just in time for a quick preview of the new restaurant Macintosh on upper King St. I joined friends who had already eaten but I was starving and happily tried a few things off the brand new appetizer menu. I think it officially opens this weekend and I'm looking forward to having dinner there. No menu on their website yet but I am sure it will show up here.

I did my quick walk around the neighborhood this evening. I'm not going to like it getting dark earlier. As I headed back down my street I passed two college girls who said, "Hey! You look just like Susan Sarandon!" That's a new one but I think I'll take it.

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Namrata said...

Did you put on a curly or a wavy wig that evening?I'm referring to the College girl's comment.If I were around I would have remarked that each Perry girl of Mawlai,Shillong has a distinct look and stand out by their individuality.