23 September 2011

Before & After - Colonial Lake

Colonial Lake, Charleston, S.C.
The trees grew. I notice that difference in so many old photos of Charleston.

Hey - it's getting dark earlier. I need to get myself out marching before it gets too late.


Kate said...

A great place to sit to pass the time and to ponder the passing of time as well.

Marcheline said...

Lovely photo! And yes... AUTUMN is here! Yay! Soups and stews! Sweaters! Falling leaves! Pumpkins! The Shining! 8-)

Holy City Sinner said...

I love that lake. I wish I could live in a house nearby it!

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate - there are always people out enjoying it.

Marcheline- Yes! Time to open my kitchen for business again.

Holy City Sinner - It is a great spot. I like reading the history. Sounds like there used to be more activity related to the lake.

SharĂ³n said...

I love that you pointed out that the trees have grown. Such an obvious thing I never thought about.