09 August 2011

Walking on Water

Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Isn't this just freaky? It looks like they are walking on water. This paddle boarding amazes me and I got to see it close up when I was kayaking on Shem Creek this weekend. It doesn't look very relaxing since I like to lay back and put my paddle up and enjoy the scenery but they say they can sit down if they want to. I have no idea who these folks are but they look like they were having a good time.

I've been in meetings all day at Trident Technical College and not only got home early but had leftover Thai green curry in the frig waiting for me. Happy day!


lowandslow said...

I agree, kayaking looks more comfortable.

My hesitation to buying a kayak at this time is the issue of transporting it and storing it. A roof rack for my car would cost as much/more than the kayak, and being in an apartment I have no storage for anything that large. That will all change in due time. ;)


Kate said...

I would assume that one would have to have great balance to enjoy one of these, esp. if sitting down was part of the plan. Anything on water fascinates me, but I'm with you, a larger craft (like a canoe) is more my style. Better to relax and enjoy one's painted toenails, too!