07 August 2011

Shem Creek kayak trip

Shem Creek, S.C.

Last Sunday morning I logged on to Facebook as usual in the morning and happened to answer a trivia question that won me a half-a-day kayak trip from Coastal Expeditions. I sweet talked them into giving me two and my friend Leah and I went out this morning. Too fun! I used to canoe but am new to kayaking and Leah had never done it at all but we did just fine.

We picked up our sit-on-top ocean kayaks at the Coastal Expedition office at Shem Creek and went out through one of the most picturesque creeks in Charleston passing shrimp boats and paddle boarders. We went over to crab island and did the best we could with our point and shoot cameras. There were so many squawking birds and dolphin sightings we were in our glory. We left the harbor and explored some of the marshy creeks before heading back. We ended our morning with a scrumptious brunch at the bar at Vickery's. Love their grilled salmon caesar salad and a mimosa didn't hurt. Yum.

Thanks Leah and Coastal Expeditions! I'll never drive over Shem Creek without thinking about this delightful morning again. I think I'll sleep well tonight. Zzzzz...

More photos here: Shem Creek & Coastal Expeditions.


Mary said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I just moved to the area and your blog gives me a different perspective of what I see everyday around Charleston. Beautiful pictures!

cara said...

Lovely pictures. That one up the top in particular is a corker!

Kate said...

I rechecked your July 23rd Kayak shot and yes, your pedicure is still colourful, intact and perfect with no chips! You did, indeed, have great fun. I never win anything, she whines...guess I have to visit FB more often!

brattcat said...

awww, what a wonderful experience.

Lowandslow said...

FUN indeed! I need to find un upscale outfitter like that around here. Those kayaks look pristine compared to hte ragged out ones I rented a couple of weeks ago. K and I are going out again next weekend. Your locale is perfectly suited to kayaking, isn't it? :)


Charlestonjoan said...

Elvia - welcome!

cara - I took one like that the first time I went kayaking so tried to duplicate it :) It wasn't easy!

Kate - I do paint my toes. Never bother with hands but feet will last for a while.

brattcat - boy was I tired last night.

lowandslow - this would have cost $38. I bought mine on sale at Dicks for $228. You should keep you eye out for sales and think of getting your own.

Jack said...

This looks like it was fun, Joan. You need to go back and do some more kayaking. It is like bicycle riding . . . a nice human-scale speed, using only your own muscles, and it gives back such rewards to your body and your mind.

Stefan Jansson said...

Looks like you enjoyed it. That first photo is a good one!

Pixel Peeper said...

OK, that settles it!

I'm getting a kayak.

And a pedicure.

fragilewisdom said...

Kayaks are so much fun and well worth the investment.

Charlestonjoan said...

Jack - I am into it. I bought one!

Steffe - Thanks. It was great. So many squawking birds.

Pixel - They are all on sale right now. Get one!

fragilewisdom - they are lighter than canoes. That was always frustrating to me as a single person. My old canoe was impossible to manage by myself. This might work!