01 August 2011

Caviar & Bananas & Me, Oh My!

Caviar & Bananas, George St., Charleston, S.C.

Duck confit sandwich to go please! Oh yum. I am a little late to the Caviar & Bananas game but quickly making up for it. I'm a picnic gal and this is the perfect spot to pick up gourmet sandwiches to go. Duck confit, salmon, three salad sampler and.....oh, that GIANT coconut macaroon.

Danger, danger. I didn't know they delivered until I checked out the web site to set up the link.

The George St. location is handily at the end of my usual evening walk-about close to home but they have also opened a branch in the new Market building. Go get 'em kids!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! We picked up lunch there as we were heading out of town and everything was scrumptious. My eleven-year-old daughter did not turn her nose up at any of it, and that is saying something! I wish we had a place like that here!

Charlestonjoan said...

Yeah! Caviar & Bananas! It could be dangerous for me. Glad you liked it.