20 August 2011

Before & After - Unitarian Cemetery

Unitarian Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

I matched up another scene from the U.S. Geological Survey collection. I was tempted to ask a random tourist to stand in the same spot as the gentleman in the picture but they were dressed in such baggy, sloppy clothes that it didn't have the same effect.

This picture was easily recognizable as the Unitarian Cemetery. It is titled: Charleston, South Carolina, Earthquake August 31, 1886. Displaced monument in the cemetery of the Unitarian Church.

Thanks again to the Librarian commenter for leading me to these fantastic old photos. There is enough on the site to entertain me for awhile! I added another few blossom photos to my cemetery collection while I was there.

I am off to bed, kids. This is the summer of the kayak and if the skies are clear I intend to explore a bit of Lake Marion in the morning.