25 August 2011

Beach Boys & Barsa

Beach Boys, Line St., Charleston, S.C.

I went to Barsa last night with the old gal's dinner club but apparently the Beach Boys discovered it before I did. New readers may not be aware but one of my early blogging projects was documenting all the sidewalk graffiti in the Charleston sidewalks. If your name is on the pavement I probably know where it is. Here is the link to one of my earlier posts about scribbles in pavement.

The Beach Boys inscription is in the pavement in front of Barsa and I consider that a good recommendation. They were right! It is a Tapas restaurant but I had the Seafood Paella and the Sangria it was delicious. We had a lovely evening catching up on old times. Many thanks to the gorgeous lady who came over and introduced herself as a blog fan - you made my evening!

I happened on the smiley face on Hassell St. on this evening's walk. Happy day!

Truthfully it's been an odd day full of people saying the strangest things. I've worn a "huh? do you have any idea what just came out of your mouth?" expression all day. Sigh.


Laura said...

My name is on a brick on King Street! Have you ever seen it :)?

Charlestonjoan said...

No! Take a picture of it!

Audi A4 Turbo said...

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