05 July 2011

Fields of flowers & pineapple blossoms

Waterfront Park, Charleston, S.C.

Isn't this fun?! It is right down at the water front park at the Pineapple fountain. The flowers were bobbing in the breeze and kids were running around splashing in the water. It was perfect.

Did anyone else have a little trouble working today after the long weekend? I got a lot done but had to force myself. It will be a short week.

My house is painted. It looks crisp and fresh. My brother is the most efficient painter. Sadly he leaves tomorrow morning. Sniff. We are heading out to a last dinner before he heads to the airport in the morning.


Jack said...

I like this fountain. I took several cool photos of it when I visited Charleston in April. These nice pink flowers weren't there then.

Lowandslow said...

With all the expertise you have writing letters for special award recognition for others, I should think you could do the same for your brother, too. Considering the magnitude of what he's done, I'm thinking maybe....SAINTHOOD? :)


Gina Brown said...

Beautiful photography, Joan!

Charlestonjoan said...

Jack - you are right! It was a different look completely. I couldn't resist!

Lowandslow - ain't that the truth. I took him to one of the best restaurants in town and now we are both so full. Yum.

Gina - Thank you!

brattcat said...

so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? I just saw them and loved them!!! Great photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Joan, I used one of your photos for my blog: Solesofmyboots.wordpress.com, crediting the photo to you as the photographer. You inspire me! The photography is beautiful!