28 July 2011

Are you smarter than a SC 3rd Grader?

Bee St., Charleston, S.C.

Are you smarter than a South Carolina 3rd Grader? Apparently I am not. Bummer. My only excuse is that I didn't go to 3rd grade in South Carolina. Take the quiz on the SCI Way page to see how much you know about South Carolina. I'm ashamed to say I scored 60%. I hope you do better.

Are you smarter than a South Carolina 3rd Grader Quiz

The photo has nothing to do with the quiz. The yellow motorcycle caught my eye on my walk last night.


Marcheline said...

Nevermind the motorcycle (it's not a Harley, after all)... look at that GORGEOUS HOUSE!!!!

Kate said...

After seeing the questions on link, I didn't bother to take the quiz. Now I REALLY have to learn more about SC before our visit this coming fall.

Charlestonjoan said...

It is a sweet little house!

Kate - I think you have to go to school here to know some of those answers. A lot of readers went to the link but you'll notice no one else posted their score.

SCSue said...

Thanks for the link! I got 14 right, 70%. Wonder what the 3rd graders got? Lovely picture, too.