11 June 2011

'Mornin' Judge

Hominy Grill, Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.

Good news for the brunch crowd lined up every weekend in front of Hominy Grill on Rutledge Ave. They are expanding. Sometimes I feel so bad for the throngs of customers waiting in the heat to get in when I walk by, I am almost tempted to wave for them all to follow me home and offer to make pancakes. Almost. Not quite.

I am starting my Spoleto activities as the festival winds to a close. I went to see Trombone Shorty at the College of Charleston cistern last night. It was so cool! I've never been to an official night time event under those grand oak trees with the lights on the old buildings. The temperature was perfect, my companions delightful and the music lively. I didn't risk taking pictures although I do have the same fake press pass that Chuck has. Chuck gave me one for my birthday and I leave it causally tucked in but visible in my backpack so I look semi official if no one examines it too closely.

I am off for a late morning walk. I got up early to meet a gentleman in a parking lot to do a deal and we both left happy.