02 June 2011

Hiker vs Biker Challenge

Happy Feet PERRY vs. Hot Wheels CARROLL

Me turn down a challenge? Not likely.

My CEO, Allen Carroll was in a serious bicycle accident last year. He is an experienced long distance cyclist and was on a ride in Monks Corner when a pit bull ran out and attacked his bike. He was thrown, breaking fifteen bones. Happily for all of us, after a long and painful recovery he is back at work and back on his bike.

Mr. Carroll lives in Mount Pleasant and is aware that I am more of a walker than a biker. He threw out the challenge, that if I would walk to work from Roper Hospital in downtown Charleston to Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital (West Ashley) he would ride his bike from Mount Pleasant Hospital (closer to Awendaw).

Hmmmph. I can do that.

We figure it should take us each about two hours and we've set the date for Friday, June 24th. We are making it a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and I am accepting sponsors. How hard is that? Eight miles? You can sponsor me for $1 a mile! How affordable am I? He will have to ride about 35 miles.

I already have $50 for my cause! Ha! I set up a team page so feel free to support one of us: AHA Donation Web Site. There is probably a minimum donation on the web site so I accept cash or you can mail it directly to AHA for Hiker or Biker: American Heart Association, 409 King Street Suite 300, Charleston, SC 29403.

I went ahead and posed for the "after" shot. I definitely see a happy hour at the end of this day. Fun!


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that you already posted your Rocky pose prior to the event, haha! (Jesse).

Anonymous said...

I love this!! Count me in Joan.

Leif Hagen said...

You two look really tuff - tuff! I just hope nobody ended up with a black eye!
: - )

Lowandslow said...

I think you should actually take him on for 3 rounds. He looks like he has a glass jaw. :)


Charlestonjoan said...

Hahah! Jesse - boxing gloves are hard to find! I thought I'd take the winning shot while I had them!

maggsworld - thank you!

leif - Heheh.

Lowandslow - this is so out of character for my boss I loved it!

Gina Brown said...

Go get 'em, Joan!!

lambm said...

Joan...Your creative ideas never cease to amaze me! From that meeting we were in when the "challenge" was made to this Grand Challenge and fundraiser is simply a great idea and for such a wonderful, worthy cause! It's a pleasure to work with both of you!

Marcheline said...


Charlestonjoan said...

Mary - Hahah! You were there - you know that it was his idea. People keep telling me I should "make" him do it.

Gina - I plan to!

Marcheline - I am plumb crazy ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah Joan, you are a cute crazy!