17 May 2011

Tuesday Night Hodge Podge

Broad St., Charleston, S.C.

Time flies! I took this one on my walk last weekend. The parade of pretty young gals dressed for an event caught my eye.

The nice thing about the world ending on the 21st is that I won't have to pay my flood insurance bill. That is a relief.

Pecha Kucha 10 tickets are on sale for May 25th. Act fast if you want to go, they usually sell out quickly.

My new tenant emailed to say she found "claws and tails" in her oven. Oooops. Kinda looks like we practice voodoo witchcraft around here. The previous occupant liked to hunt and he left some odd bits and pieces drying under the gas pilot light warmer. I knew exactly what happened since he had given me a wild boar skull as a gift before he left but I am sure it was a little freaky.

It was this kind of weekend, wasn't it? I have random fire ant bites to prove it and a few splashes of blue paint left from painting a little table to match my Adirondack chairs. Sweet. I do shower, I promise, but I get streaks of paint in odd places and miss scrubbing them off until someone at work notices.