27 May 2011

Friday Hodge Podge

Doors, Charleston, S.C.

I'd make for an odd profile if my car was searched this week: two Japanese swords, two knives with belts, helmet camera, box of pirate wear and a change of clothes that just happen to be all black. I have a good reason for each item but all together they look a little odd.

I will have fifteen minutes on Tuesday morning to dress three hospital CEO's as pirates and I couldn't bear to make them hold cheap plastic swords so I called in favors from my friends (hi Bill!) who had real antique weapons.

Blogspot has been messed up for me and a lot of other people but I think I have it fixed on my end finally. Blah. Things go along merrily and then you wake up and everything is screwed up.

Today's photos: Those worn doors are on my regular walking route and every time I see them without a car parked in front I have to grab a shot. The vines below are confederate jasmine at the community garden on Bogard St. and the chalk heart caught my eye.

I stopped to get my oil changed by the gentlemen at Sears at Citadel Mall on my way home and it gave me the exact amount of time to go to Sesame for grilled corn on the cob and ultimate grilled cheese. It's one of my favorite meals. The phone rang as I licked my fingers and paid my bill and I recommended that they advertise an "Oil Change Special" meal. Normally the Sears auto guys give me a certificate for $5 off a purchase at Sears and I buy myself a pair of panties while I wait. It's not a bad system. Fresh oil, grilled corn and new panties all in one trip.

Spoleto festival begins today. Any good ticket recommendations?