10 May 2011

Cafe Fork - Let's Eat!

Cafe Fork, Hwy 61, Charleston, S.C.

When I take a friend to Cafe Fork for the first time I point out my favorite things - look at the color! the paintings! the white marble table!

It is a happy lunch surprise at the end of a strip mall on Hwy 61 and I want to move in and live there. The bathroom is big enough for a tub and I could chop off part of the kitchen for a bed. I'd need the kitchen staff to stick around and work quietly bringing me tasty treats one after the other just like they do when I go for lunch.

Seriously, isn't it pretty? They are getting great reviews on Yelp for their food and I want them to decorate my home.

Sadly they took my favorite dish off the menu (sob) so I am going to have to start all over until I find my new signature Cafe Fork meal. They were a catering company and only serve lunch and the occasional cooking class dinner. I'm thinking the cooking class dinner might be fun.