08 March 2011

Lay Down the Towel

Charleston, S.C.

The folks in the marketing department at my hospital are known for coming up with some very creative ads. They have successfully used employees and often my volunteers as actors and models. I was in a tv spot last year examining the rash on the arm of my assigned tv husband and encouraging him to see a doctor.

It was fun! People recognized me and strangers offered to let me check rashes all over town. Heh. I've been handy for a few shots for senior programs mainly because of my white hair. I shouldn't have been surprised when the gals in marketing called laughing their heads off, saying they needed me for another commercial.

This spot is on awkward questions people have to ask their doctor. My theme? Yep. Incontinence. My only line was, "When I laugh, I leak!"

They had a great film crew working the shoot and decided to let down my hair. My hope is that people will be so distracted by my long hair that they won't hear what I am saying. Ya think?

Seriously, of course - there are awkward questions that people need to be able to ask their doctor. It is a clever idea for a spot and I wasn't the only person convinced to help out. My co-workers are going to get a kick out of this one and someone might actually get help.

Now, I am going to pile my hair back up on my head as usual and go for my walk.