20 March 2011

Boar Skull Still Life

Wild Boar Skull, Charleston, S.C.

My what lovely sharp teeth you have!

When my Upstairs and Downstairs tenants knocked on my door Thursday evening with a bottle of champagne to celebrate an "Upstairs" success, the conversation eventually turned to the best way to clean a carcass. Doesn't it always?

They were aware I had an alligator skull that had been cleaned by burying it for months in the backyard and presented to me for Mother's Day many years ago. What is the best way to clean bones? Beetles, boiling, crabs? In any case, by the end of the night Upstairs took me into his kitchen where he was putting the final drying touches to a wild boar's skull in his oven and gave it to me.

A few of you had asked for photos so here is the fierce looking addition to my home decor.