13 March 2011

Blues Patrol on a Mission

Rhythm & Blues Car, Charleston, S.C.

I can't be everywhere all the time but happily my readers know my taste and keep me in mind as they spot the charming and quirky side of the lowcountry. I do get fun mail! This altered police car was sent by Jessica of the Garden Blog - Children of the Corm. The text on the side says, "Department of Rhythm and Blues" and "Blues Patrol on a Mission from God".

Check out the larger image here. Thanks Jessica! This is a perfect gift for me.

I have another present! Tina was in Charleston a couple of weeks ago doing college tours with her daughter and found this little note attached to the wall at one of the college art shows. Ha! Love it.
Tina wrote: I thought it was the strangest thing to put on the wall. Thought I'd share this with you.

The entire time we were in Charleston I thought of you. I thought, "I wonder if Joan takes this street on one of her walks?" I love your blog and love your philosophy on life in general. Keep up the great work.

Thanks ladies! You made my day.