19 February 2011

Wildlife Walking

Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.

I usually have lots of cute wildlife photos from an early morning walk on South Eastern Wildlife Expo weekend but I was later this morning and by the time I got out the crowds were almost claustrophobic. They expected about 30,000 in attendance and I believe at least that many bumped into me.

The Wildlife Exposition often hits a chilly and rainy weekend but today is the most glorious day we've had in a long time and on the first warm and sunny days of the year, college students strip down to scraps of bathing suits and lay in Marion Square. It is a tradition that wasn't going to stop just because there was barely a square foot of empty park space. Some of the gentlemen in attendance were clearly having a hard time deciding which wildlife they should be paying attention to.

I had to be out of my house between 12 - 2 so I squeezed my way in between the crowds and ended my walk with a bowl of green curry at Little Thai Too on King St. Yum. Now I am thinking it might be nap time.