13 December 2010

New City Field Trip

FAO Schwarz Toy Store, NYC

I am going to get kicked out of the "Daily Photo" community if I keep traveling! I have a little net book with me thinking it was travel lighter than my laptop but I am having trouble uploading photos so most will have to wait.

I am clearly not a local gal, wide eyed with delight at all the sights. Quick peak in St. Patrick's Cathedral, brunch at Brasserie 8 1/2, squeezed in the crowd to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, walked past the theater and got tickets to see Mama Mia - so much fun!

Haven't done any shopping yet except for one thing - there is a certain black hair clasp that I like that I can't find anywhere in Charleston. They must make random deliveries of Goodies hair products. We were in a Duane Reade drug store and I spotted them and bought all five they had. Since then I've been going in every one of the drugstores chains and buying up their stock on black plastic hair claws. Some people come to NYC for high fashion, I'm coming home with a backpack full of $5.49 hair claws. Heheh.

Stay warm kids!