09 November 2010

Tuesday Blog Hopping

Charleston, S.C.

It's too dark already to be worth carrying a camera on my evening walks so I get to dip into existing albums for my pictures. I love these old doors. It is rare to catch them without a car parked in front. We need a sign asking that only photogenic vehicles area allowed to park in that spot.

We are used to being admired as a beautiful city but now Travel & Leisure Magazine has decided Charleston also has the most beautiful people. What an odd category. Now are polite and pretty. Hmmmm.

I am a sucker for a good "baby birthin'" story and Beach Bum's tale left me smiling.

Pamela visited the meditation garden at my hospital with her camera. No wonder I take so many pictures there! Thanks Pamela!

What do you do when your wedding invitation goes viral? Helen and Josh got creative with their wedding invitation and it got lots of attention. Congrats Fuzzco!

Pecha Kucha is sold out for tomorrow night! Happily I reserved my tickets early.

I may have been one of the oldest people in the audience at the Wolf Parade concert last night but I am so glad I had a chance to see them live. Dan Boeckner is married to my niece Alexei Perry. How exciting to have them here in Charleston at the Pour House. Thanks for the free passes Dan!

Macaroni and Cheese Cook Off on Friday and I am going with an expert! My friend Mike's son owns Cheese-ology in St. Louis.

This Saturday is the second annual AIDS Walk sponsored by the Ryan White Foundation so think of coming by Hampton Park that morning. Not that you enter these things for the prizes (ahem) but they have some great ones lined up for fund raising walkers.

G'night kids. Thanks for all the kind comments. They make my day!