24 November 2010

On the road - San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Climbing hilly streets in San Francisco, sipping tea in coffee shops and drinking coffee in tea shops. I liked Rani's reflection in her glasses.

Found the painted lady houses but I've been ruined living in an old house too long and can only see what a nightmare they would be to paint. We walked through Haight Ashbury and then spent yesterday afternoon in the SF Museum of Modern Art. I felt so incredibly lucky to find that the special exhibition was on photography especially Henri Cartier Bresson. Wow.

My daughter does the travel research and I am happy to be led to her discoveries when we are together. We found a Burmese restaurant Monday night and French Vietnamese last night. I believe she has an Ethiopian dinner planned for this evening. The best thing is, she actually has a job now and I am not paying for every meal. Miracles happen!