12 October 2010

Before and After - Jamie Westendorff

Jamie Westendorff, After!

I get a lot of hits looking for Jamie so this photo is my gift to those of you who want to make sure he is okay. Jamie was seriously burned in an accident with his cooker earlier this year. He was burned so badly on his hands and face that they flew him to the burn unit in Augusta, Georgia and had to use pig skin to repair his face. Here is the Post & Courier article about his accident.

I was at a meeting for volunteer manager's at James Island County Park last month and was delighted to find Jamie back on the job making our lunch. He insisted on posing with the same cooker that burned him and took me to his truck to show me the gruesome photo album documenting his accident and recovery. I got kinda emotional seeing that the very first picture in the album, the "before" picture was one I had taken as well.

What a miracle!