13 September 2010

Monday Hodge Podge

Charleston, S.C.

Do you think these folks may have treated themselves to a gardener?

According to Cosmopolitan Charleston, King St. will be closed to traffic every second Sunday. Coolness abounds!

If you want to see a very good movie, catch Winter's Bone at the Terrace Theater. Wow. Not a lighthearted romp in the park mind you.

My friend Pam from Tales from the Microbial Laboratory has started a new blog called US 17 Coastal Highway. Pay her a visit and let her know your favorite parts of Hwy 17.
This site is about a road that is definitely more - US 17 Coastal Highway. It stretches from downtown Winchester, Virginia south to Punta Gorda, Florida - 1,189 miles of highway, much of which runs along the Atlantic Ocean. We love this road, and our goal here is to show you why. Welcome to the Coastal Highway.