30 July 2010

Joy in Motion

Zumba la Prisca!, Charleston, S.C.

Wow! this bundle of energy is responsible for a lot of lowcountry laughter and hip wiggling. I loved the imprint on the back of her outfit - "Get Fit, Be Happy". Prisca teaches dance Zumba classes all over but I happened to see her in action at the Lowcountry Senior Center on James Island last night. I couldn't stop smiling just watching them in action.

Prisca has her own blog at Prisca Dances so you can see if she has any programs handy. You have to be over fifty to join the Senior Center (they have to card!). She has offered to teach a one time introductory class at St. Francis Hospital next week as an American Heart Association benefit and we already have over fifty people registered. I'll be the uncoordinated one in the back corner.