01 July 2010

Concrete Messages

Fielding Home for Funerals, Charleston, S.C.

Oddly, this is what is on the pavement in front of the funeral home.

This is on the pavement on upper King St.

All it means is that I spent way too much time reading the pavement.

Edit: Fielding Home for Funerals:
This facility, originally built in the late 1700s, was, and remains a stately mansion in the center of Charleston’s most celebrated historic district. It had been reduced to a low rent rooming house when Julius P.L. Fielding purchased it in 1928 and restored it to its original character. For two generations, it served as residence and principal location of the Funeral home. After several renovations and additions, including a spacious chapel, it is now a modern funeral establishment, while maintaining its eighteenth century character.