25 July 2010

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - St. Helena

Old Tabby Chapel, St. Helena, S.C.

I've always liked the expression "Chapel of Ease" but just recently learned that the definition was that of a satellite chapel intended to provide for the ease and comfort of parishioners living some distance from the main parish church.

Chapel of Ease, St. Helena, Beaufort, S.C.
St. Helena’s Chapel of Ease was built in the 1740s to accommodate the planters who lived on St. Helena’s Island, which was some distance from the parish church in the town of Beaufort. The chapel, constructed of tabby and brick, is now in ruins … four thick walls remain with no roof or flooring… having been damaged in a forest fire on February 22, 1886. Tabby is a highly-textured cement made of oyster shells, lime, and sand, and its whiteness gave the chapel the nickname “White Church.”

It is a sweet spot not too far from Beaufort. Take your bug spray. I suspect that's why I've never seen anyone else there. I was instantly attacked by gnats and mosquitoes thinking I was their afternoon picnic.