14 June 2010

Aha Moments at Marion Square

Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.

I get the coolest emails. Last week I was invited to stop by the Mutual of Omaha's silver Airstream today and have an "Aha Moment" recorded.

Huh? Aha.

The aha moment's homepage definition is: A moment of clarity, the aha moment is a defining moment where you gain real insight - wisdom you can use to change your life.

I was flattered, agreed, and then had to quickly think of what I would talk about. I decided to talk about Water Missions International's neato water purification filter that turns muddy contaminated water into clean safe drinking water.

The hospital I work at raised the money to buy one of the units for a little hospital in Kenya and I was lucky enough to go over and be present when the tap was turned on. The idea that there is a sweet, practical and efficient system to create clear water out of mud just blows me away.

I babbled, I repeated myself. Who knows what I actually said, but they were very welcoming and made it easy. They told me I was welcome to invite YOU to stop by Marion Square tomorrow and have your Aha Moment recorded. They have some appointments but are happy to take walk-ins. Go say your piece!

Besides...who can resist an Airstream?

Pictured, Kait Ebinger, Jessica Henry and Dave Regos. Thanks folks!