12 April 2010

Village in the Pines

Pinopolis, S.C.

Pinopolis, SC:

Pinopolis is a sweet little village on Lake Moultrie. I like it primarily because it was named "Pinopolis" because of the pine trees and for this teensy, tiny post office and the even earlier one below.

Since it has a higher elevation than most lowcountry spots it was considered an early escape from heat and mosquitoes. The slight elevation also spared it from flooding when Lake Moultrie was created in 1946 and Pinopolis became a little peninsula on the lake.

According to Wikepedia, in the post-Civil War period and during the change of the South, it became the location of the first elementary school for black students - that's a neat fact.

I left work early for afternoon meetings and ended up at home early enough to have already curled up and had a nap. Yawn. This is very, very sweet. The siesta system might be worth promoting.