15 April 2010

21st Century Photographer's Meetup

North Towne Restaurant, North Charleston, S.C.

Last night I was invited to attend the 21st Century Photographers Meetup group. I've been aware of the success fellow blogger Chuck has had with organizing this group of camera buffs but had never actually attended a meeting. Between 30 - 40 members join to share photo tips and plan photo outings. When they discovered I was going to attend, they asked me to talk about some of my quirky adventures as a photoblogger.

The meetup location is at North Town in North Charleston. (Ssshhh...I really went for the moussaka).

Chuck writes: 30-40 of our members meet on the 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm at a really fine centrally located spot in North Charleston. I'm pleased to have launched this as the organizer and invite you to join us.

It was lovely to meet the faces behind the pictures I have been admiring and the entries I've been enjoying on Facebook and Chuck replaced the ever-so-handy fake PRESS pass that I had worn out. Thanks for inviting me folks, I loved the cemetery photo theme!