02 February 2010

Science fair project gone wild

WMI, Savannah Hwy, Charleston, S.C.

Any idea what it is?

Every time I see Water Missions International featured on the national news as one of the leading providers of water purification systems to the Haiti earthquake disaster I am proud as punch that the headquarters is based right here in Charleston. The warehouse is on Savannah Highway right past Hwy 526. They are using the space behind Seacoast Church to build their mud to water magic machines.

Molly and George Greene (our heroes pictured below) owned General Engineering, an engineering company with over 400 employees. Years ago, after a serious hurricane hit Honduras they asked what they could do to help and Mr. Greene drew up a model for a water purification system on a paper napkin. They made a couple, personally delivered them and watched as filthy water was turned into pure clear drinking water. When they came back, they sold their business and have been making the units ever since.

I went to the warehouse on Monday morning to take a picture of the Roper Hospital volunteers donating a check to Water Missions for $2,500 and I stuck around to watch their faces as they listened to the tour. It is such a simple, practical solution to a problem that it is almost impossible not to want to support it. One of my volunteer gentleman came to me saying that he was in a position to make a donation and knowing of my involvement let me put him in touch with Water Missions. I was dancing around my office when I learned he gave them $10,000.

The place is hopping during this crisis. Volunteers are putting together five units a day. If you are looking for a place to donate funds they are definitely worth considering and if you live locally think about stopping by. The clean water cause is infectious.

The answer to the picture is - garnet chips. That is what is used as filtration material.