28 February 2010

And the gator shall lie down with the turtles...

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

Blogging, the internet and photography. It's a perfect match, isn't it? We are all out with our cameras finding treasures to bring back to present to you. Paul Lester went to Beidler Forest, Leah Sparks went to Hunting Island and Old Sheldon and I walked the Audubon Swamp Walk at Magnolia Plantation.

It was a bright day and all the swamp creatures were enjoying the sunshine. I had to smile at the way the gator was so relaxed that his jaw drooped right off the ramp. The turtles appear to feel quite safe. They must realize they are a crunchy treat rather than an everyday meal.

I'm watching the Olympic closing ceremonies. It's a good day to have shared Canadian/US loyalties.